Mixtape (pt. 3 of 4) 1865 Chico (Winter Beard)

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UGLEE BEATS “Sleeping on Couches”

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Possessed by Paul James & East Cameron Folkcore

Sneak Peek (Video):

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Grand Opening; 12.09.2011



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Birds Across a Wire – East Cameron Folkcore

Birds Across a Wire – Stop Motion

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“Dear Chicago”

I done the best thing I could think of…
took a photo of the lawn.

I don’t have any idea how to go about telling you this so, I’ll just come right out and say it.

No, I do not want to move to Chicago. No, my mind is not made up. No, I am not in control of this situation. No, I don’t know who is. Yes, I do believe that, if it was you, you would let me know. No, I am not coming home soon.

I love you Chicago, and I always will.

write back soon,
Allen Idle

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“Tall Tells and Modern Lies”


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“Beautiful Maladies”

…what’s he building in there?” – Tom Waits

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“The Flax Bow”

The Hammer

"Hobo House" Photo by Pascal Barzack 2011

I don’t want no corn bread and¬†molasses… it hurts my pride. It hurts my pride.”¬†– The Felice Brothers “Take This Hammer” (Traditional;Prison Work Song)

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“Dirty Angels”

Heaven Sent

"...I find hope in these rooms." 2009

“I may not be performing publicly but, privately I am plotting a revolution with my sons, and their sons, at the helm. This is a ‘creative movement’ and that says to me, ‘never grow stagnant’. I want to find new ways of expressing myself… my love and my fear… because we are so easily consumed by both. I don’t want to be consumed. I don’t want to consume myself. I have never created anything with the intention of selling it to anyone. I try to put that part of the world out of my mind, often to a fault. I want to give what I have because I know, that is the only way to be fulfilled. When I create something and give it away, I am filled up with the spirit of the universe… I am more than a man. Anyone who knows me knows that I am no stranger to consumption and excess. I am a wounded survivor of ‘the great inner conflict’. I fought long and hard but, not necessarily well. In the silence of my own mind there is peace. Nothing else surprises me.” -@[1551610861:Allen D]

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